In this article, we will discuss how to fix the Windows activation error 0x8007010b.

First Solution: Run “Windows Update Troubleshooter”.

1. Open the search and type “Control Panel”.

2. In the search at the top left, type “Find and fix” and select “Find and fix windows update problems” from the list.

3. Now click “Next” and wait for the system to automatically resolve the issue, then retry activation.

Second Solution: Check if “Windows Mixed Reality” is installed. If yes, uninstall it.

1. Go to “Settings” => “Apps” => “Installed Apps”.

2. In the search, type “Windows Mixed Reality” and if it finds this program on your system, uninstall it. Then retry activating Windows.

Third Solution: Update the system in Windows Clean Boot.

1. Type “System Configuration” in the search.

2. Then go to the “Services” section, check “Hide all Microsoft services”, click “Disable all”, then click “OK” => “Apply”.

3. After that, go back to the search and type “Check for updates”.

4. Click “Check for updates” and if there is an available update, download and install it. Now try activating Windows again.

If the above solutions didn’t work, try activating Windows via the terminal using the instructions:

For Windows 11.
For Windows 10.
I hope these solutions helped you fix the Windows activation error 0x8007010b. Also, I want to remind you that you can always purchase genuine Windows product keys from us in the store!

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