In this article we will consider what the key “bind” and “non-bind” means, we will be talking about Microsoft products. Let’s take Microsoft Office as an example.

You can buy Microsoft Office product keys “with bind” and “without bind” from our catalog with instant delivery to your e-mail.

With bind:

Bind to Microsoft account: These product keys are bind to the user’s Microsoft account. This means that the license and the right to use the product are exclusively bind to this one account.

Activation on Microsoft’s official Web site: Activate the product key through the Microsoft Web site:

Easy access and management: Account-bind product keys simplify license management. Users can install or reinstall Office by logging in to their Microsoft account in the application without having to keep physical or electronic copies of the product key.

License portability: The application activation, or “license” can be transferred to another PC, for example, if an old PC breaks down or its major components, such as the motherboard, are replaced.

Visibility in your personal account: You can view your licenses in your personal account and download them at any time on the following page –

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Without bind:

Activation on one PC only: Activation of the product key is possible only on one PC, it is not possible to transfer the license to another PC, or after replacing components (such as motherboard or hard drive). Reactivation on the same PC after reinstallation – by phone.

Product key activation: Initial product key activation through the application. You can download a free installer from our catalog.

Account: In the application, you can use your personal account to work, or use the application without an account (at your discretion).

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