In this article, we will consider how to completely remove Microsoft Office manually from the registry, as well as using the official utility from Microsoft - Microsoft Support and Recovery Assistant.

- Why do I need a complete removal of Microsoft Office? Sometimes it happens that when installing a new MS Office, various installation errors come out, or the new Office installation conflicts with the old one, although you deleted the old installation using standard tools from the "Add or Remove Programs" menu, etc.

1) How to remove Microsoft Office from the registry?

- Press keyboard shortcuts the Win + R => Enter the regedit command into the input window and click "OK.

- Next, you need to go to the branch: Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Office and delete the folders 14.0, 15.0 and 16.0 in this branch, if there are any.

This completes the removal of Microsoft Office (as well as Visio and Project, if you had them installed) from the registry.

2) After removing Microsoft Office from the registry, we recommend removing its remnants from your system using the official Office removal utility - Microsoft Support and Recovery Assistant. You can download the utility and read the instructions for its use in our last article.

After you have removed Microsoft Office from your PC - now you can install the Microsoft Office / Visio / Prpject application again. We strongly recommend using only the original installers (ISO images) of Microsoft Office in order to avoid errors when working in it in the future. You can download the original installers in our catalog on the next page.

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