In this article, we’ll discuss how to permanently disable updates in Windows 11. Unfortunately, registry tweaks in Windows 11 to disable updates don’t work. Microsoft developers have blocked the ability to disable updates. Due to registry edits, the system may not function correctly, or updates may start automatically reinstalling after some time.

If you want to disable Windows auto updates for any reason, you can do it in just a few clicks. For this, you’ll need the Windows Update Blocker application.

You can download the Windows Update Blocker application from our catalog.

– After downloading, you’ll need to unzip the archive to any convenient location, and then navigate to the folder containing the file named Wub.exe. Double click on it to launch the program.

– Next, simply check the box next to “Disable Updates” and then click “Apply Now”. If you ever change your mind, you can always revert the updates back.

– Now, let’s check if the updates have been disabled. Go to search and type “updates”, then click on “Check for updates”.

– In the opened Windows Update Center window, you’ll see the message: “Something went wrong. Try reopening settings later”, indicating that you’ve successfully disabled Windows 11 updates.

– Let’s try to enable them again. Go back to the program and select “Enable Updates”, then click “Apply Now”.

– Now, let’s check if Windows 11 updates have been enabled. Go to the Update Center and confirm.

In this way, you can disable and enable Windows updates in just a few clicks.

We strongly advise against disabling updates in Windows 11. They help fix system errors and maintain system security at the required level. Disable updates only in extreme necessity!

Additionally, you can purchase original Windows 11 product keys in our catalog, at the most competitive prices starting from 9.65 €.

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