Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) is a technology from Microsoft designed for connecting to a remote desktop. It is commonly used to connect from workstations to remote servers running Windows Server, but it can also be used to connect to a standard Windows desktop. One crucial aspect is that the client, i.e., the one connecting, can use any operating system, including mobile platforms. In this article, I will explore and provide download links for RDP client applications for Mac OS available in the App Store.

1) Microsoft Remote Desktop – This is the official RDP client from Microsoft, provided for free. It comes with standard functionality that is not much different from the RDP client on Windows.

Download Microsoft Remote Desktop

2) Jump Desktop – This is a paid RDP/VNC client with advanced features such as individual hotkey configuration, SSH client, folder sharing, screen sharing, and more.

Download Jump Desktop

3) Remotix VNC, RDP & NEAR – A paid RDP client with SSH support and many other protocols, featuring a pleasant interface and extensive functionality.

Download Remotix VNC, RDP & NEAR

When connecting via RDP, you need a working “RDP server,” for example, on Windows Server, for multi-user connections. The server must be activated, more details in our previous article. You can purchase RDP licenses for Windows Server in our catalog.

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