For the correct activation of Microsoft Office 2010 Pro Plus, we strongly recommend using only the original installers (ISO images). You can download them by direct links:

Microsoft Office 2010 Pro Plus in English language:

- Download x64

- Download x32

Checksum ISO Image:

MD5 (x64) - 79A97ED75FF3197FE4E666A9C18A7864
MD5 (x32) - 98E49BB1B1A74BC82CE77466AA321341
SHA-1 (x64) - C17C3F26BA40701CC9FA47D16F1C42D4558659D9
SHA-1 (x32- BC8354A2D8534C64FBCD1F1925F822C5AE7B6DF5

Install the Office app. After installation, run any Office application, for example Word => "File" menu => Help

In the "Help" menu, click on the button - "Change product key".

Next, enter your product key, if you do not have it, you can buy it in our store at the lowest price! Instant delivery of the key to your email automatically immediately after payment. Warranty and 24/7 technical support.

When the activation process is completed, restart all Office applications and check the activation.

You can also check activation from any Office application, for example Word = File menu => Help . If everything was successful, it will be written there that the product is activated!

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