In this instruction we will show you how to open files with the extension ISO and IMG, in this article we will show the easiest and fastest ways.

1) Starting from Windows 10, it is possible to open these files by double-clicking mous, next, you will see the contents of the disk image (.iso and .img file), then you can already run the file you need in it for installation.

In addition, in the "This PC" menu, this file will be emulated as a "disk". After installing the application from this file, you can delete this emulation by right-clicking mouse on this emulated disk => Eject.

2) The second way (relevant for all versions of Windows) is to unpack this file with the extension.iso or .img by any archiver, for example 7zip to an empty folder. You can download 7 zip from the official website.

For convenience, you can move your file to an empty folder => Next, right-click on it mouse => 7zip => Extract files...

Waiting for the process of unpacking the file.

Now you have the contents of your file in this folder, you can run the installer you need.