If you purchase any Microsoft Office version other than Microsoft 365 Home and Personal, you will need to uninstall the pre-installed Microsoft 365 to prevent conflicts between the applications.

You can purchase all versions of Microsoft Office in our catalog:

Microsoft Office 2021 Pro Plus – 18.7 €

Microsoft Office 365 Pro Plus – 7 €

Microsoft Office 365 Family – 36.7 €

Microsoft Office 365 Personal – 34.9 €

1) Click “Start” => “Settings”.

2) Go to “Apps” => “Installed Apps”.

3) Then find Microsoft 365, or enter Microsoft 365 in the search bar, click on the “ellipsis” to the right of the app and click “Uninstall”. Then click “Uninstall” again.

4) In the pop-up window, click “Yes”.

5) Click “Uninstall”.

6) Now just wait, after the process is complete, click “Close”.

Then just restart your PC to completely remove all remaining Microsoft 365 files.

7) Go to “Start”, click on the shutdown icon, and select “Restart”.

Now you can start installing the Microsoft Office installer you need.

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