Sometimes it is necessary to reinstall terminal licenses. To do this, it is necessary to remove the already configured and activated terminal licenses. This instruction is suitable for all versions of Windows Server, starting from Windows Server 2012 and newer versions.

1) Go to “Server Manager” => Tools => Terminal Services => Remote Desktop Licensing Manager.

And you will see the list of your installed terminal licenses.

2) Deactivate your server. Right-click on your created server => Advanced => Deactivate server.

The deactivation wizard will start; follow the steps, and in the end, you will have an unactivated server.

3) Close the “Remote Desktop Licensing Manager” window.

4) Open the “Services” menu by pressing Win + R => services.msc => Look for the “Remote Desktop Licensing” service and stop it.

5) Afterward, go to the folder: C:\Windows\System32\lserver and delete the “TLSLic.edb” file (Caution: make sure to save this file somewhere safe beforehand)

6) Next, restart the “Remote Desktop Licensing” service in the services.msc menu.

7) Now you can go back to the “Remote Desktop Licensing Manager” menu and see that the licenses have been removed. To install new licenses, you can follow this guide.

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