Let’s look at the instructions on how to share a Microsoft 365 subscription if you have one for 5-6 devices (depending on the type of subscription).

1) The first thing you must have is the subscription itself. At the moment this subscription has this option:

Microsoft 365 Family for 6 devices – 36.7 €

2) Next go to Microsoft’s personal account: find the sharing menu there and click on the “Start sharing” button.

start sharing

3) Now you can send a link – invitation to the person you want to share your subscription with or you can specify his e-mail where the same link with the invitation will be sent.

create link

copy link

4) Now the one who accepted the invitation, and click on the link (previously logged in with a Microsoft account)

– Click “Join now”.

join now

– Now you can use the subscription just click on “Start using Microsoft 365 applications. In your personal account you can download the application or use Office applications directly from your browser.

5) If you are the administrator of the subscription (the one who originally activated it with a product key). You can manage the invited members for example remove them from the subscription or invite new people.

– Go to your personal profile:

– There you will be able to see already invited people who use the subscription. You can remove an invited subscriber or add a new one. You can also give administrator rights so that another member of the family subscription can invite or delete users.

Your family Microsoft 365

Remove from family group

Use family subscription for 6 devices and save your money by sharing the subscription with your family! With SoftComputers online store – you can do it even cheaper and most importantly quickly with instant delivery to your e-mail.


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