In this guide, we will show an example of how to install Windows 11 on an ARM processor. As an example of a device with an ARM processor, we will use the most popular “pocket computer” – Raspberry Pi.

You can download the Windows 11 ARM installer from our catalog.

After downloading the Windows 11 ARM installer, you need to download a utility that will write this installer to an SD card.

– Go to the website and download it from the Downloads section.

– Extract it to any convenient location.

Process of writing Windows 11 ARM to an SD card.

1) Go to the folder with the downloaded WoR utility and run the WoR.exe file.

2) Choose your installation language. In our case, the default is English. Click “Next.”

3) Select the media, i.e., your SD card on which you want to write Windows 11 ARM. All files stored on your SD card will be erased when the installer starts writing. Save them on a separate hard drive or flash drive beforehand.

4) Choose Raspberry Pi4, or if you are installing on Raspberry 3, select the corresponding version. Then click “Next.”

5) Click on the three dots in the Image File section and select the previously downloaded Windows 11 ARM image.

6) Click “Next.”

7) Click “use the latest package available on the server.”

8) “Accept.”

9) In the UEFI firmware section, select “Use the latest firmware available on the server.” Then click “Next.”

10) In the Configuration section, don’t change anything, click “Next.”

11) Click “Install.”

12) Now just wait for the installation of Windows 11 on the SD card to complete.

13) After completion, click “Finish”.

Process of installing Windows 11 ARM.

1) Remove the SD card from the PC and connect it to your Raspberry.

2) Turn on the power to the Raspberry, and the device’s standard window will appear.

3) Next, the preparation for installation will begin.

Then the standard Windows 11 installation will begin.

4) The setup wizard will ask you to specify your region. For example, select “United Kingdom”

5) Next, choose the primary keyboard layout language, select “United Kingdom”

6) Then you will be asked to select a second keyboard layout. Click “Skip.”

7) Next, the setup wizard will start the process of searching for and downloading current updates. Wait for the process to complete.

8) After downloading updates, continue with the initial setup process. Now you need to name your computer (system). You can give any name up to 15 characters.

9) Next, you need to choose the device’s purpose. If your computer is not part of your organization’s corporate domain or does not need to be set up, select “Set up for personal use” and click “Next.”

10) Now you will need to sign in with your Microsoft account. Authenticate with your Microsoft account. If you do not have one, you can create it following the instructions in our previous article.

11) After signing in with your Microsoft account, you will be prompted to create a PIN for system login. This is a convenient short code intended for quick system access. The advantage of this method is that you do not need to enter your account password to log into the system, you only need to enter a short PIN.

12) Create a PIN, you will need to enter it twice for confirmation.

13) The next step will be to configure system privacy settings. In our example, we will deselect all items. You can choose these items at your discretion.

14) Next, the setup wizard will ask you to choose tasks that are likely to be used on this PC. This is an optional step. In our example, we will skip it.

15) Next, you will be asked to choose whether to automatically back up certain folders (i.e., “Desktop,” “Documents,” and “Pictures”) to OneDrive. You can choose this option at your discretion; in our example, we will select “Don’t back up.”

16) The initial system setup is now complete, wait for the desktop to load.

Done! The Windows 11 desktop is loaded, and you can start working.

If you installed the system from scratch, it is likely not activated, and you need to activate it for proper and uninterrupted operation. You can check if your system is activated in the “System” menu by scrolling down to “Activation.”

You can purchase a Windows 11 product key from our catalog. Original product keys, instant delivery to your email immediately after payment in automatic mode. Warranty and technical support 24/7 from our store.

So, if you have a product key for your Windows 11 edition, click the “Change” button in the “Change product key” section.

In the next window, enter your product key in the key input field.

Then click the “Activate” button.

If the key is accepted, the next window will indicate that Windows is activated.

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