Microsoft Office is one of the most popular sets of office applications, offered in two main formats: as a one-time purchase with a perpetual license, and as a Microsoft 365 subscription (formerly known as Office 365). Both options have their pros and cons, and in this article I’ll take a closer look at them.

Microsoft Office with a perpetual license:


– One-time payment: Buying a perpetual license involves a one-time payment, after which you can use the product indefinitely.

– No Internet: The programs are installed on a local computer and do not require a constant Internet connection to work.

– Simplicity: No need to renew subscriptions or pay monthly bills.

– Compatibility: Most businesses and organizations still use older versions of Office, making a perpetual license a convenient option.


– Lack of significant updates with new features: Over time, the program’s functionality can become outdated, and you’ll need to purchase a new version to get new features.

– No cloud services: Unlike Microsoft 365, the perpetual license option doesn’t offer cloud features like OneDrive or real-time collaboration.

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Microsoft 365 Subscription:


– Constant updates: A subscription includes all the latest updates and new features, which are added automatically.

– Cloud services: Subscriptions often include additional cloud services, such as OneDrive and Microsoft Teams.

– Collaboration: The ability to collaborate with colleagues and partners in real time.

– Flexibility: You can choose the plan that best meets your specific needs, from individual to business.

– Multiple devices: One account can be used on multiple devices.


– Monthly or annual fees: You must pay regularly to use the service.

– Internet dependency: Some features require a constant Internet connection for full functionality.

– Tied to the service: If you stop paying for a subscription, access to most features will be limited.

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