On this page you can use the online PID-Checker, you can check the licenses (keys) of Microsoft products for valid (Windows, Microsoft Office, Visio, Project, etc.) for free, online.

Enter your key (If there are more than one keys, then insert each new key from a new line) in the upper field, then click "Check online" and the service will give you the valid status of your key.

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Error code - [Error description]:

Online Key: Activation of the key is possible in online mode.

0xC004C008, 0xC004C020, Get Web and Call MS Support: Activation is possible by phone, or via the online text activation service by phone (Microsoft Self-Service Support) - GET CID.

0xC004C060: The key is outdated and cannot be activated. Or you have exceeded the number of possible activations for this key, contact your seller for technical support.

0xC004C003: The key is blocked by the Microsoft server, contact your seller for technical support.

0xC004C004: The key is defined as not real.

Unsupported: The key is entered incorrectly, or is not defined in the Microsoft database.

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