Rufus It is one of the most popular programs for creating a bootable USB flash drive with Windows. Creating a bootable USB flash drive using Rufus is done in just a few clicks and in this article we will take a step-by-step look at how to do it.

You can download Rufus from our server, or from the official Rufus website.

1) Run the Rufus file, click the “Select” button in the main window and select your pre-downloaded Windows installer. You can download the original installers of various versions of Windows in our catalog on the next page.

2) Next, in the “Boot Options” drop-down menu, you need to leave the “Standard Windows Installation” as it is. The “Windows To GO” item for writing Windows to the drive is not for installing it, but for directly starting the system from a USB flash drive.

3) The third step is to change the “Volume label” and basically everything. We leave the partition scheme, file system and target system as it is in the screenshot (by default).

Next, click “Start”. The application will ask you to format the flash drive – we agree with the formatting. This means that everything that was recorded on it earlier will be permanently deleted.

That’s all, wait for the recording to finish on the flash drive. When everything is ready, the record status bar will say “Ready”.

Now you can restart your computer, set the boot from USB to Bios/UEFI and start installing Windows from a USB flash drive.

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