If you’ve encountered missing text or a gray interface when opening any of the Microsoft Office products, there are several possible solutions. One of them is rarely mentioned but turns out to be effective.

You need to disable hardware acceleration in the program’s additional settings.

If this doesn’t help resolve the issue, then you need to check the possibility of enabling hardware acceleration on your PC and enable it directly in the system settings.

– Click on “Start” => “Run”

In the empty field, type dxdiag, then click “OK”.

Next, the DirectX diagnostic system opens, and within a few seconds, it diagnoses your PC.

– After that, go to the “Display” tab, pay attention to “DirectDraw acceleration, Direct3D acceleration, and AGP acceleration”. All three items should be set to “Enabled”.

If any of these are disabled, we recommend updating DirectX and the video card driver.

– Now, if everything is enabled, go to “Start” => “Settings”.

– Then “System”

Go to the “Display” section and scroll to the end, click “Graphics Settings”.

– Then enable the slider “Hardware-accelerated GPU scheduling”.

All that’s left is to restart your computer, and Microsoft Office will start displaying correctly again. Hopefully, these methods helped you solve the problem.

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