Let’s consider how to transfer a license to another computer, for example, in case the old one is broken. Let’s consider this on the example of Microsoft Office applications. How to do it?

1) The first thing you need to make sure of is that you have such a license. You can check this in your personal account on the Microsoft website:

There are different types of licenses, “Binded” and non-binded. If you have previously purchased a license with a binding to your Microsoft account, not only for activation on one PC. This license will be displayed in your personal account.

In our catalog you can buy licenses with binding to your Microsoft account and instant delivery to your email. Microsoft Office for Windows – on the product page select the “Bind” option, Microsoft Office for Mac all products come with a bind.

2) In order to avoid errors when transferring the license, it is recommended to delete your previous installation of Microsoft Office on the old PC, you can do it by following the instructions in our last article.

3) According to Microsoft rules a license can be transferred no more than one time every 90 days.

4) Afterwards, download the Microsoft Office application on the new PC from Microsoft personal account and install it.

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