In this article, we will consider the ARM version of Windows 10 – processors. What it is, where to download it, and how to install it, read on.

ARM – This is a type of processor architecture, it differs from the usual Intel x86 and 64-bit architecture used in computers and most laptops nowadays. ARM processors are used in mobile phones (iPhone, iPad, and Android), as well as in various devices, such as “Smart watches,” or in single-board mini-computers, well known as Raspberry Pi and Arduino.

Computers with ARM processors have their significant advantages compared to regular x86 processors, for example, higher autonomy, i.e., a laptop with an ARM processor will allow you to work without recharging much longer than with an x86 processor with the same battery capacity. In addition to everything, ARM is cheaper to manufacture.

Features of Windows 10 on ARM

Windows 10 on ARM since Windows 8 by 2020 has learned to run regular x86 applications, i.e., all regular applications written for desktop Windows, but only through emulation, which can affect the performance of the application.

On the contrary, applications from the Windows Store generally work better on ARM than on x86 processors, i.e., most applications from the store support ARM without emulation.

What are the drawbacks of Windows 10 on ARM?

Only x32 (x86) applications can be emulated, applications that are only x64-bit at the moment do not work.

Drivers only work for plug-and-play peripheral devices, i.e., with universal Windows drivers. x32 (x86) type drivers are not supported, as an alternative, native ARM 64 drivers can be used.

Games on OpenGL with a version above 1.1 do not work. Games that use anti-cheat technology also do not work. Hyper-V also does not work.

Due to ARM technology limitations, many tests are not supported, such as: PCMark 8, Work, Cinebench R15, Premiere, Blender, OpenGL 2.1. MATLAB.

Options and applications for people with limited abilities, input method editors, and cloud storage data applications do not work.

Download and Install Windows 10 ARM

To begin, to use Windows 10 for ARM – you need the ARM device itself. The most common at the moment is the Raspberry Pi single-board mini-computer, they are sold on Chinese platforms for an average of 4-5 thousand rubles.

You can download Windows 10 for ARM on the following page.

You can familiarize yourself with the installation process in a step-by-step video:

Activation of Windows 10 ARM

System activation is no different from regular “desktop” Windows. Windows 10 Pro and Windows 10 Home versions also work for Windows 10 on ARM, you can purchase product keys for these systems in our catalog at the lowest prices! Product key delivery is instantaneous in automatic mode to your email.

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