Hotkeys are “keyboard shortcuts” that literally in two clicks perform any action that would otherwise be done in 4-5 mouse clicks, this action greatly facilitates work on the computer and speeds up the work performed.

In this article I will consider the full set of all necessary hotkeys, as well as new combinations that are only in Windows 11.

Updated hotkeys in Windows 11

Win + A: Open the Action Center with the Quick Settings panel
Win + N: Open the Windows 11 Notification Area
Win + W: Open the Windows 11 Widgets panel
Win + Z: Open Snap Assist, also known as Snap Layout.

Main feature hotkeys

Alt + F4: Closes the active window, but if there are no active windows on the workspace, this function opens a dialog box with Shutdown, Restart, and Hibernate buttons.
Win + L: PC Lock screen
Win + D: Minimize all windows and show the desktop
Alt + Tab: Switch running applications
Win + Tab: Open the Task View window
Ctrl + Z: Action cancellation
Ctrl + Y: Repeat action
Ctrl + Delete: Move the selected item to the trash
Shift + Delete: Permanently delete a file without moving it to the trash
Win + X: Launch the Start button context menu (similar to right-clicking the Start menu)
Esc: Close or stop the current task
F11: Full screen mode (on/off)
F2: Rename the selected item
F5: Refresh a window or the desktop
F10: Open a menu in a running active application
Win + I: Open Windows 11 Settings
Win + R: Start the Run Command
Ctrl + Shift + Esc: Open Task Manager
Win + S or Win + Q: Start Windows Search
Ctrl + P: Send the current page (file) to the printer
Shift + arrow keys: Select multiple items
Ctrl + S: Save (e.g. save the file to Microsoft Office)
Ctrl + Shift + S: Save as (for example, save the file in Microsoft Office)
Ctrl + O: Open a file in a running application
Alt + Esc: Start an application toggle cycle on the taskbar
Alt + F8: Show password on login screen
Alt + spacebar: Open the shortcut menu on a running window
Alt + Enter: Launch the properties of the selected file (item)
Win + point (.) Or Win + semicolon (;): Open Emoji in the text entry field (on the keyboard)
Win + P: Screen Projection
Win + H: Voice input

Screenshot management hotkeys

PrtScn / Print Screen: Screenshot of the entire desktop
Alt + PrtScn: Screenshot of the active window only
Win + Shift + S: Grab any part of the window (scissors)

Hotkeys for dialog boxes and text editors

Ctrl + A: Select all text or content
Ctrl + C: Copy selected item
Ctrl + X: Cut selected item
Ctrl + V: Paste an item previously saved to the clipboard (with Ctrl + C)
Ctrl + B: Make text bold
Ctrl + I: Italicize text
Ctrl + U: Underline text

Browser shortcuts (works in all browsers)

Alt + left arrow: Go back to previous page (left arrow)
Alt + right arrow: Move forward on the page (right arrow)
Ctrl + and number on keyboard (1-9): Move between tabs
Ctrl + Tab: Move to the right tab
Ctrl + Shift + Tab: Move to the left tab
Ctrl + F: Search the page

Hotkeys for working with the desktop and virtual desktop

Ctrl + Shift: Switch keyboard layout
Alt + Tab: Show all open applications
Ctrl + Arrow keys + Spacebar: Select multiple items on the desktop
Win + M: Minimize all open windows
Win + Shift + M: Expand all minimized windows
Win + Home: Minimize or maximize all windows except the active, running window
Win + left arrow key: Pin the current window or application to the left
Win + right arrow key: Dock the current window or application to the right
Win + Shift + Up Arrow: Stretch window up and down
Win + Shift + Down Arrow: Collapse windows to their original width and height
Win + Tab: Open the desktop
Win + Ctrl + D: Add a virtual desktop
Win+Ctrl+F4: Close the active virtual desktop
Win + Ctrl + Right Arrow: Switch to the right virtual desktop
Win + Ctrl + Left Arrow: Switch to the left virtual desktop
Ctrl + Shift: Create a shortcut
Win + comma (,): Launch “Windows Peek” function, simply put, to take a look at the desktop
Win + Ctrl + Shift + B: Restart the Windows 11 video driver

Hotkeys for working with Explorer

Win + E: Open Explorer
Ctrl + E or Ctrl + F: Make Explorer search active
Ctrl + W: Close active window
Ctrl + Mouse Browse: Change the view of files and folders in Explorer (large, small, list, etc.)
Ctrl + Shift + number (1-8): Change the view of a folder
Ctrl + Shift + N: Create a new folder
Ctrl + Shift + E: Expand all folder trees in the left pane
Alt + D: Select the Explorer address bar
Alt + P: Show the Preview pane
Alt + Enter: Open the selected item’s properties
Alt + Right Arrow: Move to the next folder
Alt + Left Arrow (or Backspace): Go to the previous folder
Alt + Up Arrow: Move to the parent folder of the current folder.

Hotkeys for working with the taskbar

Ctrl + Shift + left-click on the application icon: Open the program as administrator.
Win + Ctrl + Shift + number key (0-9): Open a second instance of the application as administrator
Win + number key: Open applications on pinned icons in the taskbar. (e.g. Win + 1 opens the first icon, etc.)
Win + Alt + D: Display the date and time on the taskbar.
Shift + right-click on a grouped application icon: displays a window menu for grouped applications on the taskbar.
Win + B: Highlight the overflow button (up arrow) in the notification area (after highlighting, you can press Enter and then use the arrow keys to switch between each icon in the overflow menu).
Alt + Windows key + number key (0-9): Open the Jump List in the taskbar

Special Features Hotkeys

Win + U: Open the Windows 11 Special Features Center
Win + plus (+): Activate magnifying glass (zoom)
Win + minus (-): Decrease magnifying glass
Win + Esc: Exit magnifying glass
Alt + Ctrl + D: Fixed magnifier mode
Alt + Ctrl + F: Full screen magnifier mode
Alt + Ctrl + L: Enable lens mode in magnifier
Alt + Ctrl + I: Invert colors in Magnifier
Alt + Ctrl + M: Toggle magnifier modes
Alt + Ctrl + R: Resize lens with mouse in magnifier
Alt + Ctrl + Arrow keys: Activate panorama in magnifier
Ctrl + Alt + mouse scroll: Zoom in or out in magnifier
Ctrl + Enter: Speak on screen
Win + Ctrl + O: Launch on-screen keyboard
Press and hold the Right Shift key for eight seconds: Enable/disable filter keys
Left Alt + Left Shift + PrtSc: Toggle high contrast on/off
Press Shift five times: Enable/Disable key stick
Press Num Lock for five seconds: Enable/Disable toggle keys

Hotkeys for specific functions

Win + slash (/): Start IME conversion
Win + K: Open “Connect” quick setting
Win + O: Lock device orientation
Win + Pause: Open system properties
Win + Ctrl + F: Find local computers on your network
Win + Shift + Left/Right Arrow: Move a window or application from one monitor to another
Win + V: Open clipboard history
Win + Y: Toggle input between desktop and Windows Mixed Reality
Win + C: Launch Cortana. It must be installed on your system first.

The shortcuts will work on all versions of Windows 11 (Pro, Home, Enterprise, etc.).

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