In this article, let’s consider Windows 10 / Windows 11 activation error, the full description of the error can be described as follows: Troubleshooting has completed. We can’t activate your copy of Windows. Make sure you’re connected to the Internet and try again. If you’re connected to the Internet and continue seeing this problem, contact your system administrator for more information.

– Usually, after this error is displayed in the “Activation” => Windows menu, another error is displayed with red text and an error number, so you can determine more precisely what the problem is. As an example, see the screenshot below. You will see something similar in your activation window.

– Sometimes the universal solution is to activate Windows over the phone:

1. How to activate Windows 10 with your phone

2. How to activate Windows 11 with your phone

– If these recommendations do not help, please contact your product key vendor for technical support. The product key may be locked or not functioning properly.

If you do not have the official product key, you can purchase it in our catalog at a low price and with instant delivery to your email.

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