This built-in application helps you upgrade from a lower version of Windows 7 (e.g., Home Premium) to a higher version (e.g., Pro or Ultimate).

You will also need a valid product key for the Windows 7 version you wish to upgrade to.

You can purchase product keys from our store:

Windows 7 Ultimate

Windows 7 Pro

Windows 7 Enterprise

Then you need to use the built-in application Windows 7 Anytime Upgrade.

1) Go to “Start” and search for “Windows Anytime Upgrade.” Launch the application.

2) Then select “Enter an upgrade key.”

3) Enter the product key for the future Windows 7 version you purchased. If you haven’t done this yet, original Windows 7 keys can be found in our catalog.

4) Wait for the verifying product key.

5) Accept the license terms.

6) Click “Upgrade.”

7) Now just wait for the system to update. During this time, the computer may restart several times.

After the update and several restarts, Windows 7 will fully boot, and you will reach the desktop.

To check the version of Windows 7, go to “Start” => Right-click on “Computer” => “Properties.”

In this section, you will see your Windows 7 version. In our case, it is “Windows 7 Ultimate.”

Note! Windows 7 support has ended, and this guide may not work. For 100% activation, the corresponding version of the system must be installed.

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