Windows PC Health Check - This is an official tool from Microsoft to help you determine if your PC or its settings are compatible with Windows 11. To be able to install or upgrade to Windows 11.

Download Windows PC Health Check - from the official Microsoft website.

Download Windows PC Health Check from our server.

Installation and check instructions:

- Run the installer.

- Accept the license agreement.

- Check the "Open Windows PC health check" box.

- Next, you will see the main menu of the application. Click on the "Check Now" button.

- Then the application will give the result, either your PC is fully compatible with Windows 11, or it will find some errors, they can be as follows

1. Incompatible hardware, for example, your processor is not compatible with Windows 11. You can see the table of compatible processors in our previous article.

2. Your hardware is compatible with Windows 11, but you still get the error. The most common error is that Secure Boot is not enabled or the TPM module is not enabled.

Secure boot can be enabled through Windows settings or through UEFI.

3. If everything is compatible and the settings are correct, the application will display the following result:

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