download Microsoft office 2016 standard

Manufacturer: Microsoft Corporation
Version: 2016 Standard
File size: Eng - x64 813 Mb, x32 713 Mb
Interface language: All languages
System bit: x32, x64
Minimum system requirements:
Processor: 1 Ghz
RAM: 2 Gb
Disk space: 3,0 Gb
Download by direct link - Other languages
French: x64, x32
Italian: x64, x32
German: x64, x32
Serbian: x64, x32
Russian: x64, x32
Portuguese: x64, x32
Arabic: x64, x32
Greek: x64, x32
Chinese: x64, x32
Japanese: x64, x32
MD5 (x64) [Eng] - 00007E9FDA9A3B2B3EC79A9A18F73012
MD5 (x32) [Eng] - 67847C202FE6B9D517197B9D39E279A8
SHA-1 (x64) [Eng] - 6D8936721F6282C3AE08F39B7886C91A141B7552
SHA-1 (x32) [Eng] - B7D9BA9E6B975B7F1A574A7BEF4E323C2B816DA1

Download the official MSDN ISO image of the Microsoft Office 2016 Standard disk. Since this installer is original, it must be activated with a product license key, you can purchase a product key for Office 2016 Standard in our catalog on the product page.
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