Microsoft Office 365 – 5 PC, 5 TB
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Licensed product
Manufacturer:Microsoft Corporation
License type:Account
Service life:1 year
Supported OS:Windows, Mac, iOS, Android
Number of PCs:5
Interface language:All languages
System bit:x64/x32
Activation region:Global
Instant delivery to your Email
Account (Login-Password)

About Microsoft Office 365 Pro Plus

Microsoft Office 365 it is the most common package among users all over the world, and this is not surprising, because Office 365 came out with an experimental approach, in this version you get a whole set for just one purchase!
1. The ability to use one account for 5 devices at once. Work from home, at work, on a trip - your office is always with you!
2. Cloud storage for as much as 5 terabytes! Included with the account, you can use the OneDrive cloud on all available devices as well.
3. Automatic synchronization of your documents in the cloud. If you've never used it before, then start right now! Work where it is convenient for you, without loading your head, how and where to save it all, now you only need access to the Internet and Office 365 will do everything for you.
4. Adhere to the standards in the new solution. This is still the same Office, but with a new improved interface that is as intuitive as possible, but at the same time includes a huge combine of functionality, any user will find exactly what they need for themselves!
5. This subscription is delivered by account.

Among other things, with the latest updates, Microsoft has updated this line, now it is called Microsoft 365. As for the old name Microsoft Office 365 Pro Plus, it has now been renamed Microsoft 365 For Enterprise.

What includes Microsoft Office 365?

- Word
- Excel
- PowerPoint
- Outlook
- OneNote
- Publisher
- Access
- Providing access to OneDrive on 5 TB

Why buy Microsoft Office 365?

For just a small amount, you get access to Microsoft Office 365 professional version applications with a 1-year warranty subscription. Please note that the 1-year warranty applies only to product activation (access to activation, application performance). The store is not responsible for the safety of data in OneDrive, we strongly recommend that you keep a backup copy of all your data in OneDrive, in order to avoid any force majeure. The safety of files in the cloud storage is only under the responsibility of the client.
You will not be able to download such an offer from torrents, and there is no need for this, because our prices are available to absolutely everyone. Everyone can use the original software now!

Buy Microsoft Office 365

Immediately after payment in any way convenient for you, you will automatically receive all the access data (login-password) to your e-mail for activation on the official Microsoft website.
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