Warranty and technical support:

All our products are covered by warranty and free technical support. Do you have any problems with the product, or in installing the application? Write to our technical support our experts will definitely help you as soon as possible.

Return of digital goods:

The client can only return the physical product (carrier), the digital product key received by e-mail does not have simple refund warrianties. Because the key one product key can be issued only in one hand and can no longer be transferred to anyone else.

This approach to guarantees for digital goods is not our individual desire, but a precautionary measure so that customers receive only the original product that has not previously been compromised by third parties in order to avoid hacking, hacker attacks, etc.

Our technical support specialists always try to meet the client on any problems and questions that arise. Our products have a clear description and name, please be careful with the choice of the necessary product before buying. If you have doubts about whether the product is right for you, you can contact our round-the-clock technical support in the tech support chat, or by Email – [email protected] . We will answer all your questions.

Cases when the store makes a replacement or refund:

  1. If the sold key turned out to be inoperable in terms of its activation during its guaranteed period, subject to the customers compliance with the rules of use of the goods (for example, it did not exceed the permissible number of activations of one key), and if we do not have a replacement within 3 days after the buyers request, we refund the money.
  2. If the key sold initially turned out to be inoperable and we cannot provide a replacement for it within 3 days, then the funds are returned to the buyer.

  3. If by mistake you were sold a key from another product, the key is replaced with the right one, or a refund is made.
  4. Minimum refund period according to the rules of the payment system oplata.info – a 1 day after purchase.