Microsoft SQL Server is an advanced database management platform available on Windows and in Docker containers. SQL Server simplifies the development of new applications and the maintenance of existing ones. It provides high performance for even the most complex and demanding projects.

Microsoft SQL Server Features

  • Multi-platform support: Runs on Windows and in Docker containers, giving you the flexibility to choose your operating system.
  • Adaptive Query Processing: Improves performance by optimizing query execution in real time.
  • Advanced Data Retrieval: Allows you to easily process large amounts of client data and logs.
  • In-Memory OLTP: Optimizes in-memory transactional and analytical processes, dramatically increasing the speed of data processing.
  • Deployment Wizard in Azure: Simplifies and accelerates the process of deploying SQL databases in the Microsoft Azure cloud.
  • Always Encrypted: Protects data at all stages: storage, processing, and transmission, both locally and in the cloud.
  • Accelerated Backup and Recovery: Provides efficient backup and disaster recovery solutions integrated with Microsoft Azure.

Buy a Product Key for Microsoft SQL Server

Buy a Product Key for Microsoft SQL Server - a reliable choice for those who want to maximize the efficiency of database management and ensure the security of information in modern working conditions.