MS SQL Server 2017 Standard
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Manufacturer:Microsoft Corporation
License type:Digital CD key Retail
Service life:Lifetime License
Interface language:English
System bit:x64
Activation region:Global
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SQL Server 2017 Standard - provides the most basic data management functions and the ability to provide business intelligence databases for applications running for corporate tasks. There is support for common development tools locally and in computing clouds - this makes it possible to effectively manage databases with minimal costs in the field of IT resources.
SQL Server 2017 will allow the use of hybrid cloud solutions, which allows you to take advantage of the new advantages of cloud computing. For example, cloud backup and recovery of a locally installed SQL Server.

Distinctive features Microsoft SQL Server 2017 Standard

- Electronic delivery type. You will receive the key to your email address, which will be indicated when paying for the goods.
- This license is for the English version of the SQL Server 2019. For end users, it does not matter at all, programs using SQL server can be in any language.
- Multiplatform. You can use SQL Server for Windows, Linix, and Docker containers.
- Adaptability in query processing - Database extension that will allow you to find most of the client log data.
- In-Memory OLTP is a carefully optimized database management system core, it is built into the SQL Server module, thereby significantly increasing transaction processing speed and overall database performance.
- Deployment Wizard. This feature allows you to easily and quickly deploy an SQL database in Microsoft Azure.
- Always Encrypted is data protection when stored and moved in a local system, as well as in the cloud.
- Fast backup, which also allows you to quickly access disaster recovery in Microsoft Azure.

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