In this article, we will discuss the error encountered while connecting to Windows Server via Remote Desktop (RDP) – “Select a user to disconnect so that you can sign in. There are too many users signed in.

Cause of the Error and How to Fix It?

1) You have run out of client licenses for Remote Desktop. By default, Windows Server provides 2 free connections. If you want more than 2 users to connect simultaneously to your server via Remote Desktop, you need to purchase and activate an RDP Terminal License – User or Device CAL.

You can purchase the RDP product key from our catalog on the next page. You can familiarize yourself with the remote desktop licensing instructions in our previous article.

2) If you previously had a license for remote desktops, you may have exceeded the limit of simultaneous connections set by your license. Contact your vendor to extend the license, or you can purchase these licenses from our catalog.

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