In this article, we will discuss how to fix the issue if the Microsoft Software Protection Platform Service “sppsvc.exe” is causing high CPU usage (20% or more).

How to fix it?

1) Try to accept and install all current updates for your system. After that, restart your PC and check this process. You can find how to install all current updates in our articles under Windows 11 and Windows 10.

2) If this does not help, try to pause this service.

– Go to Task Manager, “Performance” section, and click “Open Resource Monitor” at the bottom.

– Then, in the Resource Monitor, go to the “CPU” section and find our process named sppsvc.exe.

– Right-click => “Suspend Process”.

– Click “Suspend Process” again.

Now, if you return to the Task Manager, you will see “Software Protection Service” with 0% CPU load. It will still appear in the Task Manager, but since it is paused, it will not perform any functions, thus not loading the CPU.

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