A new Windows 11 update - 23H2, was released on 26 September 2023. This update includes some new and interesting features.

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- Windows Copilot powered by Bing's GPT-4.5 neural network
- New interface in Windows Explorer
- Built-in archiver for RAR, 7-zip, tar.gz and others
- Dynamic lighting
- Improvements to the "Screen Cast" feature
- Windows Ink improvements
- Improved volume mixer
- Other improvements

Windows Copilot with GPT-4.5 neural network

Bing Chat-GPT 4.5 is currently available to all users through the Bing browser. It serves as an assistant, information search, etc. With the new update, this feature is available in Windows Copilot, directly from the Windows menu.

New interface in Windows Explorer

Windows Explorer includes a number of new features such as:

New WinUI-based start screen - Leveraging the Windows App SDK.

Recommended files for AAD users - When using an Azure Active Directory (AAD) account, the Start screen displays files in a carousel.

New search bar - now searches local and cloud files (if using OneDrive)

Updated file details - You can now use the ALT+Shift+P keyboard shortcut to monitor and co-operate on file changes.

New "Gallery" feature - now you can work with it in the cloud, automatically display photos, the ability to sort them and the ability to edit, i.e. from which folders you want to create your gallery.

Add photos from phone - automatically add photos from phone to PC via QR code.

New interface in Windows Explorer

New home page in the Start menu. You can set up quick access to various settings and applications.

Built-in archiver to work with RAR, 7-zip, tar.gz and others

Windows 11 23H2 now knows how to work with many archive formats right out of the box. Archive and unarchive the most popular formats:


And many other formats.

Dynamic lighting

Highlights of this functionality include:

Dynamic Lighting in Windows 11: This new feature allows users and software developers to control HID LampArray-compatible lighting devices directly from the operating system.

HID LampArray Interoperability: This provides the ability for Windows programs to control a variety of devices, including LED lights, backlit gaming peripherals, and other compatible devices.

Backlight customization: A new section in the Windows Settings menu allows users to customize and control the operation of their lighting devices.

Brand partnerships: Microsoft is working with several well-known manufacturers, including Acer, ASUS, HP, HyperX, Logitech, Razer, and Twinkly, to develop an ecosystem of RGB devices and software for their customers.

Backlight settings section: The Dynamic Lighting section in Settings > Personalization > Dynamic Lighting allows users to adjust the HID LampArray devices either on a per-device basis or globally across all devices.

Improvements to the "Screen Cast" feature

In the Windows 11 Update (version 23H2), the following improvements are made to Screen Cast:

Multitasking tips: When you're actively multitasking, Windows 11 provides tips on how to use Screen Cast, making it easier to access so users don't waste time searching for settings.

Quick Settings menu customization: Customization for this feature is now in the Quick Settings menu, making it easier to use. This menu provides detailed instructions on how to enable the wireless display feature.

Improved device discovery: Device detection in Screen Cast has been improved. To find this option, simply go to Settings > System and click "Projecting to this PC". This will give you recommendations on how to configure your device to share content, making it easier to connect wirelessly.

Windows Ink improvements

Version 23H2 of the Windows 11 Update includes important improvements to Windows Ink, a tool for handwriting text with a pen or finger on touchscreens.

Here are the highlights of those improvements:

Direct handwriting: Windows Ink now lets you enter handwritten notes directly into text boxes. This provides a more natural and intuitive way to enter text, especially on touchscreen devices.

Improved handwriting recognition accuracy: The handwriting recognition system has been optimized to more accurately recognize user input.

Additional cross-out gesture: Handwriting input now includes a cross-out gesture that makes it easier to quickly edit what you've written.

Multi-language support: For now, these innovations only support English (US), but plans are in the works to expand the list of supported languages.

Tool customization: To manage the new Windows Ink options, go to Settings > Bluetooth and Devices > Pen & Windows Ink, where you'll find the Handwriting section.

Improved volume mixer

The volume mixer in Windows 11 (version 23H2) is now a more advanced and flexible tool for adjusting audio.

Features of the updated Volume Mixer include:

Individual application settings: You can now set a different volume level for each application, so you can set different volumes for different programs.

Quickly switch between audio devices: Switch between speakers, headphones, and other audio sources without delay.

Improved audio stream information: The enhanced volume mixer now displays more detailed information, such as the name of the application and its current volume level.

Other improvements

Windows 11, version 23H2, introduces the following updates and features:

Changes to Windows Spotlight: New interface design with large images that give you more information about the image. The Spotlight icon on the desktop makes it easier to access, and the personalization menu makes it easier to activate.

Access keys introduced: Microsoft is adding the Access Keys feature, shifting the focus to passwordless logins. This replaces traditional passwords with more secure keys that provide fast and secure access. Users can set up and use these keys to access applications and websites using Windows Hello or their smartphone. Key settings are available in System Preferences.

Password copy risk notifications: If Phishing Protection is turned on in Windows Security, users will receive a warning if they try to copy or paste a password in an unsafe location. This is an additional measure to help keep Microsoft credentials safe.

Enhanced file sharing between devices: Key new features include an updated sharing window, integration with Outlook, the ability to search for contacts directly from the sharing window, and an improved "Send to Nearby Device" feature. A Share option has also been added to the Explorer right-click menu, making it even easier to send files from different applications.

Dev Drive for developers: This tool is a ReFS-based repository designed for efficiency and reliability in storing code, working files, and caches. It can be hosted on a physical drive or via VHD/VHDX. Enhanced Performance Mode in Microsoft Defender for Dev Drive helps reduce workflow latency.

Improved Screen Narrator compatibility with Excel: When using Excel, Screen Narrator now provides a more concise and expedient approach to reading. Messages are optimized for easy viewing of content.

Natural voices added to Screen Narrator: Windows 11 (23H2) includes new voices for Screen Narrator in five languages that make reading closer to reality.

Improved voice input capabilities: Windows 11 now offers advanced options for speech input, so you can use commands for editing, dictation, and more.

Improved voice access capabilities: Voice access is available as soon as you turn on your computer, making it easier to log in and do many other things.

Password-free Windows Hello for Business: Microsoft has refined WHFB to provide a high level of security. Business users can now enable the EnablePasswordlessExperience policy to easily work on AAD-connected devices without having to enter a password.

Enhanced presence detection: Windows version 11 23H2 introduced improvements to user presence detection by adding adaptive screen dimming. It is now possible to customize different modes to respond to user motion during initial setup.

More advanced cloud file preview in the Start menu: Cloud file thumbnails in the Start menu are now more informative, making it easier to work with documents in cloud storage, such as Word documents.

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