Windows 11 Pro for WorkStations

download windows 11 Pro for WorkStations

Licensed product
Manufacturer:Microsoft Corporation
Update version:Education - 22H2
File size:Eng - 5,3 Gb
Interface language:All languages
System bit:x64
Minimum system requirements:
Processor:1 GHz or more
Disk space:64 GB of free space
Screen resolution and video adapter:from 800x600, compatible with DirectX 12

MD5 (x64) [Eng] - 5597AD4FB3988A3B153F2FCD96113C48
SHA-1 (x64) [Eng] - B85AEA61D62C42E7592D7B9C4DF53089CAE5493D

Download the official installer (ISO image) of Windows 11 Pro for WorkStations. This operating system contains all the functionality of the usual "Pro" version of Windows 11, but with advanced features for high-performance computers, because the system supports a wider range of hardware capabilities and its use in work tasks. The system supports up to 6 TB of RAM (RAM), there is support for NVDIMM RAM. The system supports working with 4 processors on one motherboard.
Main features of Windows 11 Pro for WorkStations :
- This OS can work with a maximum of 4 processors and 6TB RAM.
- Support for RAM up to 6 TB.
- Support for 4 processors on one motherboard.
- ReFS file system support.
- The ability to work with SMB Direct, this is support for RDMA network adapters (with remote direct access to RAM).
- Support for NVDIMM / NVDIMM-N RAM modules.
- Microsoft support period is 2 years.

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